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Andrea Junge, BELIEVE..
April 2024

WHAT is an ESG Impact Assessment?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. These three factors are used to evaluate the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business.

Our comprehensive ESG assessment covers key areas including environmental impact, social responsibilty, economic influence and governance practises. The assessment includes an executive summary, analysis of your cpmany’s impact across various dimensions, recomendations, action plans and sources for further learning. 

WHY should your firm conduct an ESG Impact Assessment?

1. Competitive advantage 

As the effects of climate change become increasingly evident, customers are gravitating towards environmentally responsible businesses. Enhancing customer satisfaction by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can set a company apart in a crowded market. Moreover, improving ESG ratings and laying the foundation for a sustainable strategy not only aligns with consumer preferences but also attracts favourable financing, as investors increasingly prioritise environmentally conscious companies.

2. Risk and Compliance

The escalating climate crisis poses significant risks to businesses, from physical risks such as extreme weather events to transition risks associated with regulatory changes and market shifts towards sustainable practices. Strengthening risk management through an ESG assessment helps businesses prepare for these challenges and ensures compliance with increasingly stringent reporting requirements.

3. People

Employees are increasingly seeking purpose-driven workplaces that prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. Fostering employee satisfaction and engagement through ESG initiatives not only attracts and retains top talent but also enhances productivity and innovation. Employees who feel connected to their company’s mission are more likely to be motivated and committed to driving positive change, contributing to the overall success of the organisation.

“Conducting an ESG assessment is not just a response to regulatory pressures but a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

Natascha Lander, CEO BELIEVE.

WHAT exactly does our ESG Impact Assessment entail?

Let’s break it down

1. Identifying opportunities

Our assessment delves deep into your company’s sustainability and ESG-related business impact opportunities. From potential market advantages to innovative ways of reducing environmental footprint, we uncover the hidden potential that lies within your operations.

2. Assessing Risks

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, understanding and mitigating risks is paramount. Our assessment carefully examines sustainability and ESG-related risks that could impact your business, helping you anticipate challenges and proactively address them.

3. Crafting an action plan

Armed with insights from the assessment, we don’t just stop at analysis. We believe in action. That’s why we provide you with a customized action plan tailored to your firm’s specific needs and objectives. 

Whether it’s implementing new sustainability initiatives, enhancing governance practices, or improving social impact, our recommendations are designed to drive meaningful change.

In essence, our ESG Impact Assessment is more than just a report; it’s a roadmap to a more sustainable and resilient future for your business. With our expertise and guidance, you can unlock opportunities, mitigate risks, and chart a course towards long-term success.

HOW do we do it? Our approach and timeline.


Embarking on an ESG assessment journey with Believe typically spans 6 to 8 weeks. We require approximately 10 hours of your team’s time for information gathering, which includes online assessments, guided interviews with key departments, and the development of tailored recommendations. Throughout the process, our dedicated project managers ensure a seamless experience, culminating in the presentation of a meticulously crafted report to your management team.


Our team brings together extensive experience across various domains, ensuring comprehensive and insightful evaluations. With a vast network spanning critical expertise, we offer unique insights and connections. 

Committed to excellence, we prioritise attention to detail, ensuring our deliverables inspire action. 

Partner with Believe for a long-term commitment to your mission and goals, as we share your passion for positive change.

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