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Our team brings together a deep and broad experience across business, finance, technology, education, and sustainability.

Expert network

Expert network

We have built a network of a growing number of scientists, climate experts, medical doctors, academics, finance, legal and regulation specialists, as well as entrepreneurs and impact investors so that we cover all of your business requirements and needs.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences

It’s not just what we do. It’s HOW we do it.

We blend various media and program formats to create immersive education experiences, whilst harnessing the power of technology and behavioural science techniques to inspire and connect with participants in a more meaningful and solutions-oriented way.

Investment solutions

Investment solutions

Through our impact investment platform, we provide private and institutional investors with opportunities to invest in innovative, sustainable and climate-tech solutions, enabling you to take meaningful action through your organisation and / or your private investments.


What our clients say

“B E L I E V E . left a great and lasting impression on all of us. Everyone was still speaking about their training for days following the event. We would like to thank them for their inspiration and passion, and we are looking forward to collaborating further with them in the future.”
- CEO, KIEGER, Switzerland
“I was highly impressed by the quality and relevance of the content from B E L I E V E . It was tailored to our needs and hit the right note with our client advisors. We plan to use them again.”
- MEMBER OF THE BOARD, Bordier and CIE, Swiss Private Bank
“The McIntire School of Commerce had the pleasure of collaborating with B E L I E V E . Partners, who provided an invaluable learning experience for my students. Through visits to sustainable businesses in Switzerland and an engaging session on conscious consumerism, B E L I E V E . sparked enthusiasm and ignited a passion for sustainable practices. This firsthand exposure will undoubtedly shape their approach to business as conscious and responsible entrepreneurs, empowering them to become leaders of the future.”
- UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR, University of Virginia

Collaborators & partners

We have partnered with top tier marine biologists, scientists, climate experts,
thought leaders and impact driven enterprises. 

Our online services

Take our free 6-minute quiz to evaluate your climate and sustainability knowledge. And complete our short ESG assessment for your company.


For individuals: take our 6-minute QUIZ to test your climate and sustainability knowledge.

It’s free and open to everyone.


Complete our unique methodology ESG evaluation for your small to medium-sized business.

Request a quote and hear back from us within 48 hours.

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Got ideas? We’ve got the skills.
Let's team up!

Got ideas? We’ve got the skills. Let's team up!

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“The gold in our work are people who can build bridges between the policy world, the world of science, the world of civil society, the world of finance, and the world of production.”

Carter Roberts

President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
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We offer innovative climate and sustainability education for all types of organisations.


Through our comprehensive advisory services, we work closely with our clients to assess their current practices, identify risks and areas of improvement, and provide a toolbox to navigate this space


We facilitate meaningful connections between impact investors and carefully curated impact investment opportunities.